5 Simple Steps to Making Money Online Without a Product or a Website

5 Simple Steps to Making Money Online Without a Product or a Website

Every now and then the Internet will reveal something that is so amazing it’s hard to believe that it’s real. By the end of this article you will know how to make money online without ever having to create a product, build a web site, have any contacts or even do any marketing whatsoever. Seems unreal right?


US marketing legends Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Robin J Elliot and many others have taught for years the power of becoming a Joint Venture Broker. This, in the offline sense, is where you find a company wanting to sell more of their product, find a company that has the capabilities of selling more of that product, and then you broker a deal between them and you get a hefty commission for total sales. Now if these guys who have generated hundreds of millions say this is a business model that works you’ve got to listen.

This article will show you how to use this business model online to generate an income for life for just a few short hours a week.

I know you are all aware of affiliate programs but the secret to success with this busines hinges on the features of the Two Tier Affiliate Programs. Let me explain – let’s say you signed up as an affiliate to promote a site selling golf clubs. Well you could promote that site yourself, and earn 50% of whatever sales you make through promoting it. You will be a first tier affiliate in this case.

On the other hand you could go out and locate other site owners with large email lists or web sites with good traffic (visitors to their site) related to golf, and you could introduce them to the site and explain they can make money from promoting the other sites golf clubs to their list/visitors. If this person then promotes that site after signing up through you, thye get their 50% commision per sale but you get 10%, for example, of whatever they sell.

So that’s what we do – we don’t waste time and effort trying to sell the golf clubs for 50% commission. We act as the middle man bringing two people together for their mutual benefit … and ours! So you haven’t promoted a product, you haven’t created a product, you haven’t done any marketing. All you’ve done is found a site with a two tier affiliate program, found another site with a ready made large email list or decent traffic, and brought the two together through one simple email. Hard to do? Nope it’s extremely easy as you’re going to see.

So how do we do it?

1. Pick a niche you are interested in and then use Google or Affiliate Directories to locate 2 tier programmes that pay a minimum of 10$ per sale and have tracking cookies – essential this one!

2. Use Clickbank to locate suitable site domains in your chosen market and save these in either excel,word or notepad.

3. Use the “google:link” trick to find web sites already promoting products in the niche market you are brokering for. Add them to your list of site names.

4. Now start emailing all of the site owners and try brokering deals.

5. Type in “(your niche market) ezine” into Google to find tens of thousands of sites in your niche market that have ready made email lists to promote to. Start going through them and emailing them trying to broker deals and getting them to promote the site you are brokering for. This trick in itself would take you months to broker all the deals available, yet each and every deal could be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars to you.

That’s all I have time for in this article. So now you know how to start making money Online without a product, a Web Site, any contacts Or even doing any marketing whatsoever! That’s all there is to it …. happy brokering.

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