Freelance Writers: The One Thing You Should Do Every Day to Get More Writing Jobs (It’s Free!)

I’m constantly being asked by other freelance writers how to market their services to land more clients. There are so many ways to market these days that it’s ridiculous. It can also cause paralysis analysis because you don’t know where to start or what’s more effective. I was talking to my sister about this one day. She’s a writer too (mostly of her own fiction works these days) and I said, sis, give me an idea for marketing a freelance writing business. As an aside, my sister has a degree in advertising and communications, so she’s a good go-to source when my marketing well runs dry. So she says, “Give me a minute.” About ten seconds later, she says, “How about telling everyone you meet what you. Sometimes it’s simple stuff we overlook that works the best.” I pondered this and thought, “What a great idea.” Following are three reasons why.
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